Permanent make up

Permanent make up

Basic course 2 days

Permanent make up (machine) 


Price : 35000 thb

group or individual master class

1 day – theory + latex + eyebrows (1 model)
2 day – eyeliner + lips (2 models)

Basic course  3 days


group or individual master class

Permanent makeup(machine) + Microblading
(5 models)
Price : 45000 thb
Bonus! The architecture of brows (including certificate)
What is permanent make up? Pixel spraying is a modern light shadow technique of tattooing. The procedure is performed by a special device with a small needle reach up to 3 mm.
Since the depth of penetration is small, and the machine makes reciprocating movements the pigment is distributed in a dispersed scattered form forming small “points”.
The procedure with no swelling. Pigments for permanent make up are well applied and in the palette the most popular colors for each type, which do not change their hue during the time how much the pigment is held on the skin.
The healing process after the procedure is almost not felt.
The “life” of the result depends on the density of the pigment and its properties. Usually lasts 1-1. 5 years. Thanks to this, the technique of nano — spraying makes it possible to change their preference for the shape and color of the tattoo-the client has the opportunity to change their image, because of each lady’s vision changes over the years.

Our program

1 day

  1. Theory: 
    Round table which is the theoretical part it consists of the following topics:
    preparing the workplace, asepsis/antisepsis,
    recommendations for care, existing contraindications
    types and methods of anesthesia
    the architecture of the eyebrows, the colour (the types of pigments from economy to premium class)
    analysis of the necessary tools and materials, especially the needle in permanent make up
    practicing and working out on a special rug made of latex.
  2. Practice on model (eyebrows)

2 day

Practice on models (eyeliner+lips)
All materials are including in our course!
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Lips. Watercolor technique of permanent makeup of lips is a way powdery pigmentation without contour. The main advantage is naturalness and shine.

When you are using watercolor technique the pigment is applied and shaded multilayered over the entire surface. There is no clear visible contour.

The artist uses several shades of paint, combining them depending on the color type and the wishes of the client.

It lasts from 8 months to 1.5 years.

Online support 1 month  after courses