Lash Lifting & Tint + Optional Botox – [FULL COMPLETE COURSE]

The most complete, Advanced, Step by step and detailed lash lifting + tint and botox until now!

From eyelash lover to eyelash stylist! Jumpstart your lash lifting knowledge with this in-depth, Detailed Step by step course that teaches you all you need to know to apply lash lifting. Learn the ins and outs of the industry, as well as tips and techniques to start lash lifting right away. This course is ideal for beginner stylists or eyelash artists who want to tremendously improve their skills.

This course is done on a live model with detailed steps, close zoom videos on the procedure, and all the small pieces of advice that really make the difference.

What we are using in this class:

1. Lash cleanser
2. Eye patch
3. Lash lift kit including three lift solutions
4. Eyelash glue
5. Cotton pads
6. Hot water (not too hot)
7. Small towel (put on the eyes)
8. Plastic wrap
9. Wet wipes
10. Eyelash tint
11. Tiny small glass for tint
12. Eyelash botox additional
13. Q-tips
14. Microbrush
15. Lash brush
16. Disposable cap

The course is intended for students that really want to do it. Just practice. You can always contact us and ask us where ever you want. We are here for you. Take a deep look into our live model session and you will find all the answers. We also during the procedure say the little advice that does all the difference between good to amazing results.

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Course Includes

  • 21 Lessons