Eyeliner permanent makeup [Full Course]


  • 10 hours of super detailed eyeliner course.
  • Theory – All that you need to know
  • All the movements that you need to know for an eyeliner procedure
  • How to practice on latex and paper so you can be ready for your client
  • How to setup everything – Machine, Speed, Needles, Anesthesia
  • The right body and hand positions to do the procedure
  • Lashline eyeliner – Full procedure 
  • Shaded eyeliner – Full procedure
  • All the movements – 1way, 2way, zigzag, circles, upwards and how to perform them correctly
  • How To Pre-Draw and understand your client’s eyes


  • To practice as we teach on paper and latex
  • Experience in Permanent Makeup is a big plus here


This course covers all theory – all that you need to know about eyeliner procedure from your side and from the client-side.

Let’s dive together inside all the techniques. In this course, we make it easy. You will learn how to do exactly what you need to do in the precision of a surgeon.

Live model
You will see two procedures from start to end with all the explanations in between.
There is no subject that we didn’t cover and there is no technique that is not here. If you practice as we teach here there is no reason that you cannot be a professional and achieve a great result.

Who is this course for:

This course is intensive. It requires practice and not skipping any part as everything is important.

Important to know:

We wish that you will have a great result and therefore we want to be sure that our students know that practice is very important and it’s hard to achieve the results you desire without practicing.


  • You will not be scared to do any eyeliner procedure
  • You will understand all that you need to know about eyeliner procedures
  • You will know to do shaded eyeliner and lashline eyeliner

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 62 Topics